Monday, February 4, 2013


Well, here it first post. I created this blog over a week ago but couldn't sit down to actually write a post; not because I didn't have time (my Pinterest account would prove otherwise) but because I was intimated. I have been reading blogs for quite some time now and I LOVE them, and for some reason that scared me a little. But, here I am, thanks to my sis! Love you sis! The whole reason I wanted to start a blog in the first place was because we have been doing all these cool things to the house and I just want to shout it from the rooftops to the world!

Anyways, let's get some back story. My boyfriend and I live together in a foreclosure that we purchased back in August 2012. It was quite a roller coaster to get it (perhaps to be told in a later post) but we are so happy; this house was really meant to be. It's nothing large but it's almost exactly was we were looking for. Want a look? We'll start with the before pictures of what it looked like the day we closed.

The living room:
This is the view of when you first walk in. Straight ahead is the entryway to the kitchen and hallway. There is a weird little mirror thing that I would like to get rid of one day but for now it stays. Mostly because I use it the morning to see a whole view of my outfit for work. Then again, that doesn't really matter because I usually don't match anyways.
The next picture is what you see when turn to the right (I'd create a layout but my new computer currently doesn't have Photoshop on it). This is the living room/dining room. I like how they are open yet still separated by the angles of the wall. One day we'd like to put in laminate but the bank just laid new carpeting so we will keep that until they are worn and gross.

Family Room:
In the picture of the dining room above you'll notice an archway, this leads to the family room. I was so excited to see that this house had a family room. I honestly didn't think we'd find one in our price range. Bonus! It has a sliding glass door (french doors one day?). And it also has a pass through that leads to the kitchen, which is really great for when we are too lazy to put our dishes away because the sink is right below it. This room is used as the man cave/gaming room/nerdville.

 Guest side of the house:
Not much special at this side, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

One thing I love about the kitchen is the set up. It has a TON of cabinet space (there are still at least two empty cabinets). It has a pull out drawer for the trash cans. It is enclosed (part of my wish list) yet still feels open because the walls don't go all the way up to the ceiling. The pictures may make it look small but it really is rather spacious.

Master Bedroom/Bath:
The bedroom his huge (for my standards anyway) and it has two walk in closets. My wishlist only had one decent sized closet on it so I was pretty giddy when I saw two. 

As for the master bath, it has a very nice walk in shower and no tub. This was not a big deal for us because neither of us take baths, but the guest bath has one for any future (and I mean distant future) little ones. There are two sinks (score!) and a toilet that leaks from the seat's bolt (I know, weird).

Wrap Up:
Well, that's a quick brief tour of the house. If you haven't noticed, it's beige and boring, really very boring. I looked at it as a blank slate. We have/had the opportunity to really start fresh and we felt no responsibility to keep anything (except for the brand new carpet, I mean come on, it's brand new carpet). We've already made a lot of changes that I will show in some future posts...there's so much I want to talk about! For example, the living room paint debacle, the mystery toilet leak, and the zombie in our living room. 

Even though we've already done a lot we still have a lot more left to do. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. My name's Sarah, nice to meet you!!

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