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Why hello there! I'm Sarah and it's so great to meet you!
I started this blog as a way to share my adventures in making a house a home which includes refinishing, painting, and even a little baking.

This house was purchased as a foreclosure in August of 2012 and presented itself as a blank slate...literally. Everything was beige, beige walls, beige carpets, beige cabinets, even beige blinds! Slowly but surely we (my boyfriend and I) are bringing some life into this house through the use of colorful paint, modern curtains, and touch of Star Wars decor. 

When I am not being lazy or working on the house I work as a high school English teacher in the great Sunshine state of Florida where I also moonlight as the yearbook adviser.  Being a part of the yearbook has been amazing and now I can't get enough of Photoshop!

Well, that's me! I hope you love my blog as much as I do, and I'll leave you with a great picture of me enjoying one of my other hobbies.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I love your yellow front door. I saw your ideas such as adding a curtin. I think in all of the ideas the obstical is the fact that your front door is solid. If you put up curtins it would block out light & if you painted the side pannels yellow it might be too much. I think a lighter gray might be best.


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